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Who We Are

Supporting Midshipman one family at a time!

The United States Merchant Marine Academy Florida Parent Association, founded in 1997, is dedicated to supporting Florida Midshipmen and their families throughout the Kings Point experience. 

As parent volunteers, we are deeply committed to guiding and supporting families. We take pride in cheering on and encouraging our Midshipmen through the challenging academy days. 

We're there from the very beginning, from the application process and reporting for indoc, to cheering on the Midshipman through finals, and finally, celebrating the ringing of the bell after passing the USCG license exams.

It's a journey we all share and celebrate together.     Questions?  Reach out to us at

2022 Summer Sendoff
Welcome Aboard Class of 2027
Goodie Bags Spring 2024
Graduation Bell
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Academy Day - Wasserman - Schultz -  2023
Dingy Team in FL

Supporting Midshipman One Family At A Time

For decades, the USMMA Florida Parents Association (FPA) has been a solid foundation and network to support our Florida midshipmen and their families through the four-year Academy journey and long distance from home. 

Our events, fundraisers, and activities are designed to inspire, support, and encourage our Midshipmen and their families through the rigors of Kings Point. 

We work closely with the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation (AAF) chapters throughout Florida from recruiting events and Academy Days to connecting Midshipmen with Alumni in their post-graduation opportunities, whether in the maritime industry or active and reserve duty careers.

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