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Cookie Cafe

Hi Florida Parents and friends,


It’s our time for cookies and treats for the Cookie Cafe. 

Cookie Cafe is JANUARY 13, 2022.


We will need a total of 400 dozen cookies. Florida is responsible for 200 dozen cookies/treats.


Please contact Kristin Franz know via Facebook, Messenger or text (305)772-0602 if you can bake or send a monetary donation for drinks or perishable items. Please indicate how many dozen cookies you can bake and please provide me your email. I will send you the KP Cookie Cafe information regarding the packing and shipping for your cookies via email. Additional information is available on Thank you!!

Let's Go Florida!!


Please see this link for a fantastic video demonstrating how to package cookies:

If you are not a baker but would like to donate money, for fresh fruit or supplies toward the Cookie Cafe, please see the KP Cookie Cafe & Cookbook page for PayPal information

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